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Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations.


Head of Department - Pilipenko Yuriy Ivanovich, PhD, Professor.


Tel. : +38 (0562) 47-15-66


Department provides teaching of the following professionally oriented and special economic disciplines:

• Political Economy

• Economics

• Microeconomics

• Macroeconomics

• History of Economic studies

• History of Economics and Economic Thought

• State economic regulation

• Basics of economic theory

• Basics of micro-and macroanalysis of natural resources markets

• Firm theory

• Modern economic theory

• International Economics

Educational process is provided by 4 Professors ( 3 of them - PhD), 5 Associate Professors, senior teacher and 3 assistants. One doctoral student and three graduate students are preparing theses. 

Scientific activity of the Department:

The Department of Economic Theory and Bases of Entrepreneurship provides educational activities on following directions:

• “Features of economic policy in countries with transitional economic system" (state registration number 0101U0056891 - 2001-2003);

• “Problems of economic policy in the transformational economy " (state registration number 0104U005381 - 2004-2006);

• “Economic policy in countries with transitional economic system” (state registration number 0107U006170 - 2006-2008);

• “Technological structure of the national economy and its regulation" (state registration number 0109U001360 - 2009);

• “The economic outlook of the Ukrainian society during transformational changes" (state registration number 0110U001828 - 2010);

• “Civilization factors of the Ukrainian economy development " (state registration number 0111U006349 - 2011);

Results of researches conducted over the period of 2006-2012 were embodied in:

Preparation of 10 monographs, 5 collective which were published in Russia, Poland and Ukraine, and 5 individual, published in SHEE "NMU";

Publications of 109 articles in professional journals of Ukraine;

Publications of 44 articles in journals of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, USA;

Participation in 222 international scientific and practical conferences, which were held both in Ukraine and abroad.

Today the Department is a powerful research center. in which the scientific school were formed. The school is being actively developed by PhD, Associate Professor Zadoya A.O. and PhD, Associate Professor U.E. Petrunya. Over the years of working at the Department Zadoya A.O. prepared 4 PhD: Petrunya U.E. (2000), Pilipenko Y.I. (2011), V.M. Shapoval (2012), G. M. Pilipenko (2012), 3 candidates of economic sciences Pilipenko Y.I. (1995) Pilipenko G.M. (1996), Litvinenko N.I. (2004). Today scientist serves as scientific advisor for Litvinenko N.I.

Petrunya U.E., during the years of working at the Department prepared two candidates of economic sciences - Voloshenjuk V.V. (2000) and Gerashchenko S.O. (2001), provides counseling doctoral theses for Voloshenjuk V.V.

In 2008 at the Department Chornobayev V.V. defended PhD thesis, which was performed under the direction Pilipenko G.M.

There is a wide range of problems in the sphere of scientific interests of the Department:

Innovation and technological development, institutional aspects of the national economy functioning, the emergence and development of the securities market and other segments of financial market. The Department cooperates with the universities of Ukraine and foreign scientists (conferences, seminars, collective research programs, collective monograph). The Department operates research seminar on specialty 08.00.01 - economic theory and history of economic thought specialized scientific council D 08.080.01.

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