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History of the Department

Teaching of Political Economy in Katerinoslavsky higher mining school was organized from the first years of its existence (1912), but the formation of an independent department of political economy occurred in 1952.In 1992, the department was renamed the Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship, and in 2017 was renamed the Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations.

A special role in the formation of the Department was played by I. I. Shkaredniy, PhD, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Higher School, who was head of the Department from 1952 till 1978. For many decades PhDs, Associate Professors F.U. Lysyansky, V. M. Harabadzhah, S. V. Zarechny, V.G. Kobzar, N.O. Stasenko, I.D. Litvinov, senior lecturers K.M. Balykina and I.S. Uhin, assistant A.M. Plohoy were working at the Department.

In different years, the Department was headed by PhD, Associate Professor I. U. Golyshev (1978-1983), Associate Professor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of National Education of Ukraine A.O. Zadoya (1983-2001), PhD, Associate Professor Y.I. Pilipenko (2001-2006), PhD, Associate Professor V.V. Voloshenjuk (2006 - 2012), PhD, Professor Y.I. Pilipenko (2012 - till now). 

Since 90 years of XX century, the Department is supporting in teaching of fundamental economic disciplines, well known scientific and methodical center of the country. For the last years about 20 training manuals on economic theory, history of economic thought, micro-and macroeconomics were issued in Ukraine and abroad. The Department provides teaching of professionally oriented and special economic disciplines.

The Department prepared 4 doctoral theses (A.O. Zadoya - 1989, U.E. Petrunya - 2000, Y.I. Pilipenko - 2011, G. M. Pilipenko - 2012) and 16 PhD theses – F.U. Lysyansky (1952), N.I. Gusev (1958), N.G. Popova (1961), V.M. Harabadzhah (1967), N.O. Stasenko (1969), A.O. Zadoya (1978), V.G. Kobzar (1979), O.V. Cherkavskyy (1983), U.E. Petrunya, S.V. Zarichniy (1987), T.V. Hridenko (1990), Y.I. Pilipenko (1995), G.M. Pilipenko (1996), V.V. Voloshenjuk (2000), S.O. Gerashchenko (2001), V.V. Chornobayev (2008).

Today, the Department consists of 5 Professors ( 4 of them - PhD), 5 Associate Professors, senior teacher and 2 assistants. One doctoral student and three graduate students are preparing theses.


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