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Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations


Head of Department – Pilipenko Yuriy Ivanovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor.


Тел.: +38 (0562) 47-15-66
E-mail: pilipenkoy@nmu.org.ua

The department was established in 1952 and was first called the Department of Political Economy. In 1992 the department was renamed into the department of economic theory and business fundamentals and in 2017 it was renamed into the department of economic theory and international economic relations.

The department provides teaching of such professional-oriented and special economic disciplines: 

  • Political economy;
  • Economic theory;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • International economics;
  • History of economic thought;
  • History of economics and economic thought;
  • State regulation of the economy;
  • State and regional government;
  • Basics of economic theory;
  • Fundamentals of micro and macro analysis of natural resource markets;
  • Theory of the firm;
  • Modern economic theories.

The educational process is provided by 2 doctors of economic sciences and 5 candidates of economic sciences, assistant professors. Three graduate students are preparing a thesis.

Research results for the period from 2010-2017 take shape in: 

  • the preparation of 16 monographs, of which 11 are collective ones, which were issued in Russia, Poland and Ukraine, as well as 5 sole ones, issued to the State High School "NMU";
  • publications of 152 articles in professional editions of Ukraine;
  • publications of 50 articles in editions of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Montenegro, USA;
  • participation in more than 200 international scientific and practical conferences held both in Ukraine and abroad.

Today the department is a powerful scientific center, in which a scientific school is formed, which is actively developed by the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor A. Zadoya and the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Petrunya Y. Sciences: Petrunya Y. E. (2000), Pilipenko Y. I. (2011), Shapoval V.M. (2012), Pilipenko A.N. (2012) and Litvinenko N.I. (2016), 3 candidates of economic sciences: Pilipenko Y.I. (1995), Pilipenko A.N. (1996), Litvinenko N.I. (2004). 

Y. E. Petrunya in the period of work at the department prepared two candidates of economic sciences - Voloshenyuk V.V. (2000) and Gerashchenko S.A. (2001). In 2008 The department defended Ph.D. thesis of V. Chernobaev, which was carried out under the direction of A. N. Pilipenko 

The department’s scientific interests include a wide range of problems: innovation and technological development of the national and world economy, institutional aspects of the functioning of economic systems, the establishment and development of the securities market and other segments of the financial market. The department actively cooperates with universities of Ukraine and scientists from other countries (conferences, seminars, joint research programs, collective monographs). The department has a doctoral, postgraduate and scientific seminar on the specialty 08.00.01 - economic theory and history of economic thought dissertation council D 08.080.01.

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